The Heslon Family
Our Vision Using the arts and creative means to bring people the life changing message of the gospel.

Artistic Events

In cities around France churches and public places are being transformed into art galleries with a different type of exhibit. Didier and Donna Heslon have been using collaborative artistic experiences to gather people, to touch on profound questions and to share the gospel. Beautiful, thought provoking images and scriptures are woven into the exhibit. Elements of fine music, wine and cheese, and powerful testimonies make the evening a place to awaken the senses and especially peak the spiritual.

What is most exciting is that crowds of French come and hear the gospel in a non threatening environment. Art is a powerful bridge to the message. After one collaborative art event in Rennes this past January, a pastor who participated went from a perpetual state of pessimistic discouragement to renewed enthusiasm, now sensing that strategies like this can work to reach the French.

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